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Kali Yuga...

Last of the four, and most degraded cyclical era of humanity. As of 6000 years or so, Kali Yuga, Dark Age or Iron Age came to being, and with it brought a decline of purity in mind and body. Love and compassion have lost their true worth. Greed, lust, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, deception and suffering have prevailed, as presently experienced on our globe.

Kali Yuga Yoga center in Laval “Elevate to a higher state”

Our Mission...

Promote health and awareness through the merging of body, mind and spirit, bringing forth our dormant potential, which is our birthright. Through the practice of Pranayama (Breathwork), Kriya (Conscious Action) and Asanas (Postural Work), we can return to our true nature, establishing our full capacities as complete beings. Thus overcoming the turbulent effects of the Kali Yuga. Hence, Kali Yuga Yoga. Yoga for the Dark Age.

We aspire to create a family atmosphere encouraging unity, love, compassion, caring, and understanding, with an awareness that we can be happy and free amongst the stresses and strains of daily life.

Kali Yuga Yoga center in LavalJoin us on our mission, for a blissful peaceful life.

Our Philosophy...

In this modern 21 century, humanity endures a nonstop, fast pace lifestyle, subjecting ourselves to unnatural and inhumane patterns of existence. Searching externally, seems to set us up for more and more disappointment.

At Kali Yuga Yoga, classes are tailored to suit all levels of participants, tackling the effects, of life’s subjugations. By listening to the body, respecting our capablities, prioritizing the breath, and stopping as we wish, but continually breathe, a splendid awareness will arise from within, returning us to the NOW.

Through consistent practice and effort, a new perception will arise on and off our yoga mats, carrying us through life’s turbulence with ease and understanding.

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